Earth Date - 2012.346

The best Albums of 2012, 3 of 7: "Born ToDie"

Love her or hate her, Miss Lana Del Rey came out of the scene like a bolt of lightening or a flash of a florescent bulb popping. She either drew you to her music or drew you to her missteps. From her very skittish performance on her Saturday Night Live debut to her grandiose music videos, she has captivated me in knowing that this might her only release, professionally, of her career. According to an earlier Vogue interview here she has said that she wouldn't think about writing another record. Why? All that she has said is in songs like "National Anthem," "Video Games," and "Born To Die." I bought the album when it first dropped and I was not disappointed. For me, it is best listened between the months of November through April. I am listening to it now. If she is to be a one-hit wonder (which I doubt,) then let be said that she is the best one-hit wonder of the 21st Century so far.

The Del Rey

The best Machine successes of 2012, 3 of 7:

So this guy, Felix Baumgartner, wants to jump 39 KM in the atmosphere at speeds at or near Mach One (faster than the speed of sound,) and do it under the Red Bull banner? Sound crazy right? Not if you were one of the millions of people watching it live on YouTube. He is actually up for Times' Person of the Year award. The video below shows it more than I can explain it but it does get one thinking: Can private industry present new ideas to governmental challenges to space flight? Elon Musk of SpaceX fame, reviewed here, and MarsOne, all represent when private industry comes together and does something like what Felix does: survive the limits of stratosphere and maybe go beyond that one day. Seeing it live was nerve-wracking but what even more amazing was that one can now perceive the Star Trek jump (maybe) in this lifetime. I hope Felix "jumps" on that chance.

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