Earth Date - 2012.345

The best Albums of 2012, 2 of 7: 

So when Sleigh Bells came, I was ready for them. No, I was not. It was loud, bright, and I lost my voice. But it sold out and I had already got both their "Treats" album released in 2010 and their newly released, "Reign of Terror." Either way, you knew what you were going to get by listening tho these albums: abrasive guitars, deep bass, hard drums, medium synths, and a perky-light female voice. It was hard to pick a favorite song at the Wordplay venue, where I saw them at in Birmingham, AL. Oh, the lead singer, Alexis Krauss, was a rare combo of talent and charisma. Meeting her was a dream. Oh, she has bangs and they have superpowers. Just watch their "Infinity Guitars" video. I can still here "Comeback Kid" in my head, so maybe that is my favorite. A possible 2013 release is in the works. 

Sleigh Bell Terror
The best Machine successes of 2012, 2 of 7: 

It was a banner year for the world of physics. The biggest discovery in the world of physics, perhaps in the world of science, was the Higgs Boson particle. In a short sum of what the particle is and where it fits in the world, here is a small graph on it. Physicists actually discovered a Higgs-like particle but that they are one in three million chances wrong, which amounts to a pretty good estimate that they are very close, if not right at the particle. Using the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, scientists smash particles at very high speeds, 99.9999% the speed of light to be exact, and one of the particles to come out of the collision was unknown at the time and possibly opened doors to subatomic particles not yet discovered. While most people consider this the "God Particle," the more important calling of this find is the start of a new realm of physics. One were quantum physics will displace classical Laws of Nature and replace with the explanations of dark energy, wormholes, dark matter, quantum energy, and other findings that will one day break the law of gravity itself. 

Meet Mr/Ms. Higgs Boson.

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