Earth Date 2012 - 353

The last band I heard: Kells. 

The band Kells, hails from France, is not the Coneheads, nor am I able to find relevant English lyrics to their French songs. They are a nu symphonic metal band but they are like Avenge Sevenfold with a female singer (in my opinion.) They seemed to be on the fence between thrash metal and scream-core. I am not sure how I got this band but I assume it was my fascination with women and heavy metal music. I do not know much about this band besides their Wikipedia page and their official website, here. Their lead singer has bangs (they have superpowers!) and is called 'Virg.' I really do not know what their songs are about (so someone with French skills, help me translate! ^.^), but I do know that I will vaguely follow them until I find another hot chick from France that screams like 'Virg." Oh, wait. It's Eths. Next!

The last article I read: Hacking the Human Brain.

This article was briefly chilling until I realized that science fact is catching up to science fiction. Hacking the human brain has been long discussed in sci-fi circles but researchers have predicted that human-brain interfaces (HBI) will be the next wave of hackable devices. This "sixth domain" of conflict could not only affect civilian computer systems but military as well. DARPA, the investigative arm of the United States military are testing ways of combining neuroscience and military systems to enhance soldiers on the battlefield. those same ways can be used to also hack a soldiers mine to fire upon its own division, reveal secrets or become part of the enemy. This scenario closely mirrors that of Joss Whedon's series' "Dollhouse": Imaging a world where one could "hire" agents to do various activities, legal or not. Ultimately, there needs to be much discussion about safeguarding our brains to protect against viruses, similar to computers. Only then one can protect this "sixth domain" like they do cyberspace (but sometimes we don;t even do that well.)

Brain Warfare.

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