Earth Date - 2012.336

Stream the future of Pop; Icona Pop.

Today's post is all about the future. And pop's future should brighten with Icona Pop. A Swedish duo consisting of Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo, they should be on everyone's list for best new artist in 2013. Very poppy and dance-y, they collaborate with Charli XCX and "I Don't Care," their first single, is a blast of fun and a bright sunny day or a party at a club where the night is endless. Signing with a major label, Atlantic Records, doesn't hurt their prospects either and I suspect that a tour is in the works. "Good for You" is my favorite on this EP stream above left and reminds me if Bananarama decided to upgrade their sound for the 21st-Century. They have spawned an exhilarating sound of the future. Buy here.

The Future of the Artificial Brain.

If Icona Pop is spawning music for the future, what about S.P.A.U.N.; the future of the artificial brain?  The Synaptic Pointer Architecture Unified Network is a new software model of the human brain and it can do simple pattern games, process mental arithmetic, and lag in its response almost like a real human brain would. Most artificial intelligence software and machines usually do one task at hand like playing chess or crunching numbers or scenarios  but SPAUN can not only do that but do it while multitasking in doing memorization, identifying handwritten messages, and completing a pattern after seeing pieces beforehand. If one is considering running this software it would take 24 gigabytes of memory as well as a 2.4 GHz four-core processor, with one second of processing done in a three hour period. Chris 
Eliasmith, an engineer and neuroscientist at the University of Waterloo in Canada hopes to have a real-time model running in about six months. 

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