Earth Date - 2012.335

New Music is not always new if one is describing an artist on their third release but with Shiny Toy Guns, it can sure appear that way. On the appropriately  junior release by Shiny Toy Guns, titled III,  STG returns to what their actual roots were back on the first release 2006 and even before that (if some of the band members can go back that far.) It seems a new release returned its second (favorited by the fans) the return of Carah Faye and her voice shows on songs such as the lead-off single "Somewhere to Hide" and the wonderfully-hauntingly "Fading Listening." Lead singer Chad Petree does a wonderful job on "Carrie," a personal favorite of mine. It's alternative but you can add many sub-genres after that: Alt-rock, alt-pop, alt-synth, alt-punk, alt-whatever. To me, it is one of the strongest releases of 2012 and STG's best release, like ever. Go. Buy. It. Now. 

Stream III from S-T-G via P.V.

New Propulsion 
System via Egypt.

Speaking of new, NASA's cancelation of their Space Shuttle program has cause a flurry of new space propulsion technologies in the world today. 
One of those proposed space systems is based on quantum theory that uses no fuel. Developed by an 19-year old student Aisha Mustafa from Egypt’s Sohag University, it exploits the quirky laws of quantum physics inside Vacuum energy; energy that makes up 73% of the known Universe. Inside this vacuum energy are "virtual particles" that create and destroy each other in random fashion. Mustafa is betting on exploiting quantum effects involved in dynamic Casimir effect and the Casimiri-Polder force, which uses two silicon metallic plates in a vacuum. This set-up is very similar to what capacitors do but at a sub-atomic scale. The plates interact with the virtual particles in the quantum field and generate a force that attracts or repels depending on their arrangement. Mustafa intends to further study and develop the design so that it may be tested out.

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