An up and coming band that is visiting my hometown this month is The Sexual Side Effects. I would describe them a cross between psychedelic David Bowie and an indie version of Sonic Youth (if Sonic Youth couldn't be any more indie.) The link below provides an album for only $5 US. It's a band worth checking out as their shows are fiery. (Literally, an amp caught on fire in one of their shows earlier this year.)

Researchers at Georgia Tech University have actually been able to program a robot to do certain tasks without the need to program the robot. It appears the robot uses a combination if imaging and sensors similar to what the Microsoft Kinect uses. The basic use of programming languages would have to be inputted in, of course, but after simple subroutines are initialized, the robot can do tasks based on simple hand motions and voice commands. It is powered by two Quad-Core i7 Xeon processors (8 cores) , 24 GB's of memory, and the ROS (Robot Operating System.)

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