Apparently Fiona Apple is having a record-breaking media-news year. Peek-a-Boo concerts during the first-half the year after being reclusive the past several years, a new album dropped right after that with a title that is as long as this paragraph, stopped for Hashish in Texas, canceling her most recent tour over a dying dog, and this little gem. A supposed "leak" of her new single off the soundtrack of the Knocked-Up-esque film, 'This is 40.' It is catchy as well as NSFW, so please turn your speakers up! "I'm here because of what I write. Obviously, I must know something." - Fiona Apple. Awesome Sauce below!

An Apple sings for a 'Dull Tool.'

Child prodigies in music are not as easy as one would think, but they are more abundant than child prodigies in electronics. Especially if they are in a village that has electricity once a week in Sierra Leone. Meet DJ Focus. Also known as Kelvin Doe, a 16 year old child prodigy making FM transistor radios, generators, and batteries out of spare parts of various electronic items found in, among all places, waste baskets. In the video above right, is an inspiring video of Kelvin visiting the MIT campus to earn formal training about electronic and engineering technology as he had no formal experience with it before. There is also a non-profit that one can donate too to help bring more prodigies like DJ Focus to the forefront. It is a Crowdrise campaign. Link below left.

MIT; "Sierra Leone" style.

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