Diamonds via Zola Jesus

Nika Roza Danilova is the real name of an artist who has jesus in her title. Zola Jesus to be exact. On last year's release 'Conatus', the operatic voice behind this woman produced the lo-fi cloak of her earliest recordings, an indie-girl-gone-goth transformation that continues to this day. Yesterday, I had a chance to see Rihanna live in London, U.K. on Youtube. Danilova doesn't quite turn "Diamonds" into a Zola Jesus song here, but then again, I rather hear her singing it than Rihanna. Instead, of a pop-induced stupor, this multi-layered cover reinforces the notion of how pop music has suffered recently. Her "Diamonds" should be a top 40 hit. Oh wait. On second, thought. I rather have a gloomy non-40 hit. It sets her apart from Rihanna. Check the song out above. Winning! ^.^

At this year's Economist Innovation Awards, Elon Musk of Space X slipped more details about his "Hyper-loop" high-speed transportation system. He described the concept for the first time as a cross between a Concorde jet and a railgun (What's a railgun?.) During his acceptance speech, Musk explained that, in order to be worth while, the technology must go beyond current transportion methods by being much faster and cheaper while remaining weather and crash proof. Musk further hinted that the Hyperloop (Hyperloop Theory explained.) transport would leave as you arrived to board and it may sound crazy, but there was a time he talked this way about commercial spaceflight.

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