MNDR is not Madonna. Nor is it an album title. It's a person. A girl, actually (with an occasional help from a guy - that's not important.) What is important is that she is Amanda Warner, originally from Cali and now New York, and a future-pop artist. Not that she came out recently, but after seeing her live earlier this year with The Ting Tings, I want to see her headline a show. She is weird but good. Poppy but not mainstream. Not sure where to begin with her. Try the link below that streams her new album 'Feed Me Diamonds' via SPIN. Or her video 'Cut Me Out.' Both are 80's dance goodness upgraded for the current generation.

'Feed Me Diamonds' album stream

'Cut Me Out' via Youtube
Using energy in reading this blog post takes certain pathways in your brain. Researchers, however, were unable to pinpoint those exact pathways until now. Karl Deisseroth, MD, PhD, a professor of bio-engineering and of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford University and postdoctoral scholar Melissa Warden, PhD, published an article in Nature on Nov. 18th about using optogenetics (channeling channelrhodopsin proteins in green algae), something he developed years ago during his research. By highlighting the neuronal pathways in the pre-frontal cortex, one can now "light" their way to see what pathways are activated during depression, motivation, or concentration. By doing this, one can now target those pathways with specific medications or psychological methodologies. It is truly illuminating pathways through the brain. See the link below for more.

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