Earth Date - 2012.334

Tegan and Sara want you "Closer."

"I want you close, I want you
I won't treat you like you're typical." 

So says Tegan and Sara, the Canadian sisterly-duo who go all dance on us on their latest soon-to-be-released drop January 2013, 'Heartthrob.' Advising SPIN magazine in an article published yesterday, they realized it was time to shake things up. This is not the first time the sisters have done anything dance-y in the past, as they worked with DJ's Tiesto and Morgan Page for the house genre. But if this direction is any indication of where they want to move towards in the future, they seem to be going retro instead. The video for "Closer" below, uses spanx, grunge, karaoke, Dazed and Confused movie, and trampolines to produce a gender-neutral aesthetic of 'sheer' irrational sentimental fondness. So in honor of that, I decided to make this post slightly different and remember the blogs that had bad HTML code and colors everywhere. Cheers!

Return Notice: CPU's are non-replaceable. Non-returnable.

Speaking of going retro, it appears Intel is moving forward in making CPU's soldered to motherboards a thing of the future for desktops. This is not new as the the embedded processor was still around in desktops by the 1980's. Intel's next-generation Haswell CPU's are soon to launch and this would represent a change of focus for Intel. The follow-up for Haswell is Broadwell, a desktop CPU's that will be soldered directly to motherboards, and won't be easily upgrade-able for consumers. One reason that this change is happening is not because of consumer demand or even market supply. Intel's "tick-tock" processor line upgrades on a predictable annual schedule and Broadwell is to focus primarily on mobile computers like laptops and tablets. The thinking is that features will either be upgraded via software or "unlocked" using a special validation code. The death of the user-replaceable CPU might even merit cost-savings in terms of future replacements and environmental concerns. Link above.

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