Some would say that in order to achieve weirdness in the pop music world, all one needs to do is dress like Ke$ha (who I consider my guilty pleasure. Crazy true!). But what if one is not into the pop-culture world but is still full of some weird goodness? Then one would have Bat For Lashes. They (or 'she,' as it is the brainchild of Natasha Khan,) released a new album last month that is a very hauntingly piece of collections of music that is hard to define. This review does it more thoroughly. The sampler below speaks for  itself. It should make top lists this year for best album of the year. This is THE call to buy it, man.

Streaming Sampler for 'The Haunted Man.'

Recently announced, but like the preceding article in this blog post, it has also been available for some time. Flexible, plastic-based, smartphones. They have been in the works for years as this article and the article below discuss and speculate. Samsung is the company and will not comment on the specific technology used or the exact date they are being released. Sony and LG have been working on this type of technology for years and are still in the prototype stage due to production costs. Will Samsung suffer the same fate? one will know during the first or second quarter of 2013.

Samsung Goes Flexible

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