I thinking I found the answer to the latest album titles' question, "Will Happiness Find Me?" That answer would be Maria Minerva and her latest drop earlier this year on Aug. 28th. Also known as Maria Juur, this Estonian-born, U.K.-based indie musician has a unique taste in music. The "Fire" single down below is like a down-tempo version of what U.S. R + B would be like if one was studying. Or writing. Hmm...wait. She just recently graduated with a B.A. So, one could say this music for her and all other brainiacs. Take a listen below and tell me what you think.

Stream Maria Minerva featuring Chase Royal, "Fire"
On "Stuff You should Know at Stitcher Radio, the question 'How close are we to holographic environments?' is discussed. Star Trek, The Next Generation, was famous for its holodeck, an immersive virtual environment that could be any space an individual wanted. Thanks to telemersion technology built for business conferencing, we’re starting to get close to that virtual environment after all. Listen at the link below. Run-time: 24:22.

Holographic Environments

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