Earth Date - 2012.330

Top ten or 20 lists should be popping soon if not now, and on my list of top releases this year is School of Seven Bells' "Ghoststory." Filled with electro-dream pop and shoe-gazer moments, SVIIB (as they are known in stylized form), use several different synths and vocal textures to take you to a place far off. Which is not surprising as the band is named after a mythical school dedicated to pick-pocketing in the 1980's. The link below features the song 'Secret Days' via Stereo Gum and is enough to pick-pocket your mind for atmospheric goodness and delight. The picture above was taken by me at a concert I witnessed back in April 2012. The stage lighting tells the story at The Bottletree in Birmingham, AL.

Secret Days Stream via Stereo Gum

Did you ever get the feeling that in the past few years science fiction movies have portrayed robots and artificial intelligence as malevolent and malicious? That may not be far from the truth, according to Bryan Appleyard, a freelance writer in U.K. A chance encounter with Jaan Tallinn, the co-founder of Skype, took the previous thought to the next level and contemplated human extinction via A.I. and machines created by machines and not humans. Along with Ray Kurzweil of the Singularity Institute (SI), The Cambridge Group came about as well as Tallinn's point of view in regarding A.I. To put it succinctly, Appleyard uses the euphemism of writer Douglas Adams' "super-intelligent shade of the color blue," that A.I. machines would see us humans as aliens. Truer words have never been spoken.

God = Robot; Human = Threat

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