Earth Date - 2012.333

"Drive You Crazy"

Most things in life usually come in pairs but today's artists has decided to take in to threes'. Jenn Wasner is (was/still is?) the frontwoman of the indie-based group from Baltimore , Md., Wye Oak and a Flock of Dimes, and is part of a electronic-dance based project called Dungeonesse. When I saw her live earlier this year under a Flock of Dimes moniker, it was a little heavier than most of her Wye Oak material. Then the video "Drive You crazy" came out and it's a direction I never thought she would take. Collaborating with White Life’s John Ehrens, it's dance-y R+B, and pretty fun. Not sure what is going on in the video (but is that the point?) I mean, when you dance, do you know what's going on? The upper left picture is courtesy of Michael Crump in a low-light setting.
NIF'd Fusion

If the above post addressed that some things come in threes, then how about 192 times? The National Ignition Facility in Livermore, Calif., via NPR, brings the holy grail of energy to the forefront after years of development and billions of dollars spent. The process of nuclear fusion (opposite of Fission) is creating limitless energy, like what is found in the center of our Sun. So far, the research has had elusive results. After 3.5 years of laser testing, results have been inconclusive and people are wanting answers. NIF, as it is called, would create degrees of heat and pressure never before achieved in a lab. But NIF director Ed Moses advises that deadlines for discovering this type of energy are nearly irrelevant using CERN discovering the Higgs Boson as a highlighted point. Whatever the case maybe, achieving global security and understanding the universe seemed to top priority. And that is worth putting forth tax-payer funding on this project.

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