"...And I wouldn't catch you hung up on somebody that you [want] to know..." Adjusted lyrics to the song "Somebody I used To Know" by Gotye was a lyrical section sung by none other than Kimbra. A New Zealand born singer who has taken the world by storm; she has crossed jazz with Bjork-styled theatrics. Below is a video of her performing at the Austin City Limits festival last month, performing "Posse." She has eccentric tastes in fashion (but who doesn't) and she should be on some top lists at the end of this year. Her new album is out now, "Vows," and this link is at a Grooveshark page that streams more songs off her debut. Just know she be a crazy chic, yo.

Deep-learning is not usually applied to music overall but if one is searching for millions of songs in a few seconds, then it becomes a necessity. The link below describes how researchers from various educational departments have verified new and exciting ways and discovers in artificial intelligence that can seek out marketing strategies or reverse-language conversion. These artificial neural networks, as they are called, are comprised of many components and deliver more-than accurate results than any human today. For example, student team led by computer scientist Geoffrey E. Hinton used deep-learning technology to design software to locate molecules that might lead to new drugs. The team did this without prior knowledge of the contest and very little time to prepare. Welcome to the future.

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