Earth Date - 2012.347

The best Albums of 2012, 4 of 7: 

Flyleaf on the "New Horizon"

There has been recent rock bands that have come through in recent memory but none of them have the passion like Flyleaf. I saw them live in 2008 at Zydeco in Birmingham, AL. There would be as close to nu metal as one could be without trying. Their first album, self-titled,  was really fully of emotional rock and their second album, Memento Mori, was more fully-realized - balancing personal lyrics with more of a world view - and little more polished. With their third album, New Horizons, one could not be right on the title. More polished than Memento, it has the emotion that their self-title debut has with one little feature - the lead singer released herself her duties and the lead singer of Vedera, Kristen May, stepped in. How she sings in Flyleaf and the passion she may bring may change the dynamics of the songs but "New Horizons", "Fire Fire", and "Stand" are stand outs. The picture below is with the new singer. Lacey, we will miss you. But New Horizons is on the way. Peace.

The best Machine successes of 2012, 4 of 7:

The Women of The Social Machines

So in 2012, women in tech came alive. Marissa Mayer and Sheryl Sandberg, are at least, one women should strive for; not only in technology, but in the world business period. One would not be remiss to know that these are very rare women and not the norm. Marissa Mayer was a Google executive before becoming CEO of Yahoo and Sheryl Sandberg just attained board status at Facebook, who is the Chief Operating Office of Facebook (also, a Google alum.) But if one does not have a Computer Science Core in grade school, high school, and beyond, then it is very hard to get women interested in technology unless they are promoted within the company. A small victory  for Marissa is something that is encouraging. Facebook went public with their Initial Public Offering (IPO) earlier this year. But looking around, it is defeating when other countries and other companies from around the world have many women flooding the country because support for computer science is already ingrained in their culture. Hopefully, with these two women, change is just around the corner in 2013. 

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