Earth Date - 2012.339

I am not Ke$hamed! (Thanks Two Broke Girls!) I admit that my favorite guilty pleasure for the last year or so is Ke$ha (Sorry Katy Perry. Not!) She has just released her new album, "Warrior" and it basically does a 90 degree angle. It bends to something different, but come on, it's Ke$ha people! My favorites so far has been the title track, All That Matters (The Beautiful Life,) and Only Wanna Dance With You. There is also a cameo appearance by Iggy Pop on one of her songs and an ode to Trans Am's (who knew?) Some of the songs basically are extra tracks for her "Cannibal" days but the rest are new for her (that's saying something.) Also, if you really want to know how her voice sounds, check a nice little ditty below of "Die Young." It's like if Tori Amos and the 1980's agreed to play together for once.

The Pleasure of Deconstructing "Die Young."
Guilty pleasures don't always come in glossy packages. The world of 3D printing pleasure has just picked up a new fabrication technique dubbed "carbomorph" That is not not very glossy in its approach. The University of Warwick researchers in the U.K. have created inexpensive plastic that conducts electricity and can be used in printing electronic circuit boards. Allowing users to lay down electronic tracks and sensors, game controllers or a mug are used to print objects with embedded flex sensors or with touch-sensitive buttons. The next step would be to more complex boards that can not only conduct but to process simple computational instructions. One of the major advantages of using 3D printing is electronics can be printed out instead of connected using glues or paints. One can only imagine if a printed key-tar or a microphone were used in a Ke$ha concert. Interesting isn't it?

The Pleasure of 3D Printing

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