Earth Date - 2012.349

The best Albums of 2012, 6 of 7: Synthetica

I Love Metric.

I remember listening to the Canadian group Metric in 2003 thinking this band would be become not only well-known but authentic in their sound. Well, with their newest album, 'Synthetica' the aptly-titled album is authentic in its synth and keyboard sound. Taking the approach off of 'Fantasies,' Metric infused their 'Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?' and turned into something I never thought metric would be: A hard-rocking synth group. If I were introducing Metric to new fans, I would not start here. Tracks two through eight are the strength of this album with "Youth Without Youth," "Breathing Underwater," and "Synthetica" as highlights. One would probably need to start at 'Fantasies' or even earlier such as 'Live it Out' to get a feel of just how indie this band really was. I would not call them mainstream but they as close to that line with 'Synthetica' than they have ever been. Polished, mixed-well, and high-energy, it is an album that is more than a new direction for the band; it is now their future. 

The best Machine successes of 2012, 6 of 7:

I remember in the month of November 2010 hearing about a "contest" via an Android news app (I'm not sure what app it was) about Google's new experimental laptop called a Chromebook (CR-48 at that time.) I was unsure about it but applied as a tester and lo and behold four weeks later I received a package that was the actual CR-48. Fast-forward two years later and this little internet device is still running strong. It has been 1.5 years since the initial commercial release and the price has since come down from the original asking price of $499 USD. You can now get one for $199 USD and it is not bad if you are truly a web-enabled individual like I am. The Chrome OS is based upon an open-source project and has a battery life ranging from 4 to 6.5 hours, 2-4 GB DDR3 memory, various storage and CPU options available. The main about this device is that it runs strictly Google (unless you hack it.) Which means that unlike the previous versions of any laptop; this one uses Google Docs, Play, Plus, Blogger, Apps, YouTube, etc...all through the Chrome Store. It is the future of disposable computing. It is: The Best of Google.

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