Earth Date - 2012.352

A buzz in the electronic music genre is a little-known (at least to me, I know very little about her) Russian DJ name Nina Kraviz. Her single "Nina Kraviz" is like a lo-fo approach to electronica. Mostly minimalist in nature but add a remix to it and it fleshes out to a more dance-able beat. She normally does some breaks on the label ReKids and this particular mix of her song "Ghetto Kraviz" was mixed by Amine Edge.  It made NPR's top 2012 list for best electronic tracks for 2012 and I think she will explode out of the underground next year. The below cut was taken from Heidi's BBC Radio 1 Residency show. One could classify Nina in the same vain as Mary Jane Coles or Luciano. This Siberian import is surely a low-key as her voice is barely audible at times but then again, it is lo-fi. Here a cut of her below: 

A cut of Ghetto Kraviz.

A big buzz in the technology sector as well as other parts of media are talking about the recent addition of futurist and inventor Ray Kurzweil. More than just a figurehead, Ray brings real ideas that can be used in conjunction to Google's products such as Android OS, Google Glasses (Project Glass) , and self-driving cars. However, the real benefit maybe the hiring of engineers as they are enough of them these days (Hire me Google!) Another one would be using Machine Learning and Ray's own Artificial Intelligence advancement in Google's Data Centers, networks and search engine algorithms; this also include natural language processing which can greatly enhance Google Voice as well as talking machines on Android-based products. Plus there is always the "sci-fi cred," whereby the fiction of Google is met by the science of Kurzweil. Only the future can tell. 

Google's cut of the Future.

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