Earth Date - 2012.342

The future of music is not necessarily a review of what's next, although that will be tomorrow's post; but rather what groups will go from local touring to cross-country touring. One of those bands would be, chVchEs, a synth-pop group that has roots in Scotland, is drawing their own countryman's' bagpipe drone sounds to Peter Gabriel and Men Without Hats. They are going to be in SXSW in 2013 and have started creating a buzz beyond the U.K. Songs to check out include "Lies" and "The Mother We Share." With their female vocalist, they are less mechanical and a more humanity to their music. One would compare their sound to contemporaries like IO Echo and HAIM. Check out the tmblr link below. 

Electric chVchEs.

The future of computer programming usually is debated between those in the CCOBOL  Basic, C#, C++ camp and the Java, Haskell, Python, Obj-C, and Lisp camps. Open/Semi-Open Source w/ closed and/or semi-closed source. But with JavaScript it might be that web languages are going to be dominating the future of the programming. Add on node.js, jQuery, and PHP, and one could have a powerful client-server language that goes beyond scripting. If HTML5 made programs like Adobe Dreamweaver (which is built on C++) acutely aware of web development, then JavaScript will make .Net, JVM, and any other OOP-derived language acutely aware that the future of programming is in a web browser. Next up: Developing OS'es via the web. Check out the link below. 

The future of programming: JavaScript.

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