Earth Date - 2012.355

Country music for T.V. is usually reserved for award shows, music videos, and commercials. With ABC's "Nashville," country music is now reserved for fictional artists who may actually become real one day (here's hoping!) The soundtrack to this show is truly the gem of the current fall T.V. season and I cannot recall no other soundtrack that I fell in love with constantly. Rayna James (Connie Britton) and Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere) and company (shout out to Scarlett O'Connor!) provide much needed vocals to a show that can front some current industry standard artists. Some of my favorites are 'Wrong Song,' 'If I didn't Know Better,' and 'Buried Under.' 'Fade Into You' didn't make the cut because of licensing issues, but not to worry; Executive Producer T-Bone Burnett has procured a $1 Amazon MP3 credit for those that bought the CD. I do hope Connie and Hayden actually cut an album under their own names. They have the talent to do it. Check more out below!

Singing Country via ABC.

Warp and warp drives have been the imaginative visions of science fiction for decades. The General Theory of Relativity states that might be the case for infinitum. But physicist Harold White stunned the world of aeronautics that not only is faster than light speed possible but it is being worked on at his lab. His experiment is based on the 'Alcubierre Drive,' a concept developed by Miguel Alcubierre and dubbed by Michio Kaku as the "passport of the universe." A basic example would be putting a football in a circular ring and expand the space behind it while contracting the space in front of it. A fictional example would be the above photo of a Vulcan spaceship while imagining the space in front of it and behind it "propel" the craft at speeds that appear to be faster than light. This may involve energy that is equivalent to 317 times the mass of the Earth but as White pointed out the last 18 months of researched proved that curving the warp drive itself into a donut shape would be near the mass of the Voyager One spacecraft. This loophole would trigger traveling to the nearest star in weeks instead of centuries. Check out the link below for more info. 

Building Warp One via NASA.

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