Earth Date - 2012.350

The best Albums of 2012, 7 of 7: Dark Adrenaline

My "dark" obsession would have to be the band Lacuna Coil from Italy. Ever since I heard them around the turn of the 21st Century, they have been explosive in creating textured heavy metal that is as pop-ish as Evanescence and is hard-core as Arch Enemy. With their newest release, it has become clear that although, their sound has been polished of late, this album unleashes its true nature: A dark, deep web of emotion and energy that has been missed since Comalies (maybe earlier?) It is a powerhouse of an album; always showcasing dual vocalists and transposing melodies on top of various time signatures. My favorites and have been "Trip The Darkness," Kill The Light," and "Intoxicated." They do a fine job of covering R.E.M.'s "Losing My Religion" as well. Due note that if you are going to listen to them, the volume level should 70%. Any higher and you are already deaf from listening to too much heavy metal. *.^

The best Machine successes of 2012, 7 of 7: 

My most obsessive technology-related device this year has been the Raspberry Pi from the U.K. A computer that is not just an ordinary computer. It is the next generation of open-source computing. I first read about this project last year when browsing the Google Plus Linux communities were supporting this $35 USD computer. I was more intrigued that it ran on 5V using a micro-USB connection and had a SoC (System on a Chip.)  The foundation that has propelled this miniature computer (about the size of a credit card) hope to have children one day be able to build how an operating system should operate as well as program in several different programming languages. There are now new options to build casing, add peripheral components to the General Purpose Input / Output connectors and the camera / audio connectors. The reaction from the community of hobbyists has propelled one to say: Have a Raspberry Pi Day!

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