Earth Date - 2012.338

A Halcyon of Idyllic Music

If you have heard of Ellie Goulding's "Lights," in recent months then you are late to the game my friend. She has basically left most of the pop-tronica / dance genre that made "Lights" a huge hit Stateside and abroad. Here, Ms. Goulding tackles a break-up album like Adele would tackle electronic music. Folky but set in a DJ booth. It is a different take on her musical path. A path she is unsure about so she just puts her voice on different areas of music and hope it will stick. I like the path she is going on. It makes here unpredictable and brings her voice out even more. One has to think while listening to this album (and dance to a song or two.) The link above streams her album for a limited time. Her past now should be peaceful after dropping "Halcyon." It makes my list of best albums of 2012.

If a piece of technology scans you while you sleep and produces a copy of yourself in the morning, are you still you? Ray Kurzweil, of the Singularity Institute, advises that it is not You. It is You 2. And You 2 retains all your memory patterns, functional motor skills, and even your physical form. All your peers and family recognize You 2 as You. But You are still You. Sound confusing? It might not be in a few decades as internal cognitive implants become smaller and smaller each day. Biologically, we replenish over 100 millions cells in our body each sentence we read. So are You after this biologically replacement of cells? How do you identify yourself as?  Kurzweil goes on to say that we already outsource some of our memories and awareness in the cloud and to our smartphones. Soon we will be "thinking" in the cloud and have only a small need for a our physical forms. Descartes once declared that, "I think; therefore I am." The new declaration should be "I am; therefore I know." 

An idyllic you after upgrading you?

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