Earth Date - 2012.337

Stream P.Y.T. from pop jewel Nite Jewel.

Listening to music without regards to the past or to respective artists seems to have become a norm in pop music these days. But what if someone paid homage to an artist via sound but not the actual song itself? That song would be Nite Jewels' rendition of Michael Jacksons; "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing.)" If the King of Pop produced a dance-y if not disco-like number, well Nite Jewel can do the same except slow it down enough to where it could fit on an album of her but not on an album remotely produced by Michael Jackson. If one does not even know who Nite Jewel is or have her album, here is a review of her courtesy of Pitch Fork. You can stream (and also download it for free) at the above link via Stereo Gum.

When a machine decides to make an ethical decision, maybe because the human cannot make a choice regarding a particular situation, who is at fault if there is an accident? Driver-less cars, developed by Google are already legal in California, Florida, and Nevada (I am not sure in other parts of the world.) As of right now, machines and artificial intelligence lack the ethical decisions needed to make when a split second choice could save lives or create destruction. Take drones, for example. They only do what humans tell them to do. But could they have ethical subroutines, telling them which targets are more 'ethical' to take down? Would we need to update Issac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics ? Even human ethics are a work in progress. We still do not know how the brain functions fully when an ethical decision is being made. Can robotic cars make the same decision and not harm humans but also themselves? We spend so little on Machine Ethics. The time to do this is now. Or Machines will do it for us.

Driving without Morality

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