Earth Date - 2012.354

When one is creating music, that particular person may not be aware or even care about being a pioneer in music. Dido Armstrong, a British songstress that made fame when she first started voicing herself on Eminem's single "Stan" via sampling. Since then, the "add fluid-like female voice to very edgy-like male rap voices" have become the norm for more than a decade now. Dido is now paired with Kendrick Lamar, who admittedly am not familiar with at all, and it works - to a degree. It does start soft and then after the two minute mark Kendrick raps for one verse, but it does highlight the song to a different level. I rather have this style be more popular than the reverse that has crippled the rap industry. It would also encourage more female artists to include up-and-coming rappers like Lamar who may not be getting the radio play he deserves. Take a listen below:

"Let Us Move On" to new music creations.

Creating a Mind.

When one is creating a mind, how does one go about it? In an interview with host Ira Flatow, Ray Kurzweil talks about how artificial intelligence, like IBM's Watson, can be re-created using the neo-cortex. Using the plasticity of the brain in low-level visualization of identifying objects. In his book, "How to Create a Mind," the near-end projection now of creating a mind would be combining the approach of IBM's Watson and using search algorithms as a mind unto itself. The far-end approach would be actually combining those search engines and using our own "modules" (or neurons) to upload information to and from our brains to the Cloud (or the internet.) There is enough information to know how the neo-cortex works, according to scientists and once these modules are able to connect to miniature computers, then by the 2040's; people may become machines. Listen to the link above.

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