Earth Date - 2012.351

It seems 2012 was full of surprises in music. One of the biggest this year in my personal opinion was Traci Lords (yes, THE Traci Lords) releasing a new dance single called "He's My Bitch" (what a title!) She did have some earlier releases with the label she is on, Sea to Sun Recordings - "Last Drag" - last year and some recordings scattered throughout the last decade (and don't forget 1,000 fires [Control!] But with this new single, she is putting together a new album called 'M2F2 (read here M2F2; it's to explicit to get into right now.) It was inspired by being in gay clubs, dance floors, and her musical past. Most of her music is in the electronic genre and "He's My Bitch" is no exception. Like most of her recent music, it is fun, flirty, and a little dirty. Also, I wonder who she is mentioning in the lyrics of the song? 

"He's My Bitch."

'Lighting' The chip.

When computers are able to achieve faster speeds, then the "bottleneck" of the processor, software, and memory can be reduced to the point of making supercomputers that are used in 2012, be used as computers you will use in 2017. IBM researchers have managed to shrink optics to 90 nano-meters and using a process called "silicon nanophotonics." Even through performance of processors have increased exponentially over the years, they still are caught in a bottleneck when receiving instructions from memory or from hard-coded software. This integration will allow a possible one exaflop in a few years time. By switching from copper-based wiring to optic-based wiring, IBM can shrink  CPU's into an all-in-one die chip. Faster computers like these might be used in the realm of aerodynamics and neuroscience to advance these key disciplines that really heavily on access to information at high speeds. 

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